Maximum performance in quality and productivity

Oliver 266 SI | SIP Series

Technical data: Oliver 466 SI | SIP

max. paper size:
660 x 470mm
min. Paper size:
297 x 200mm (2/0)
297 x 257mm (1/1)
max. print format:
650 x 460mm (2/0)
650 x 450mm (1/1)
Paper thickness:
Printed works:
Print speed:
4,000 ~ 12,000per/h (4/0)
Printing plate format:
650 x 550mm
5,597 X 2,268 X 2,087
12,700 kg
Power consumption (kW)20.0 (SI)
22.0 (SIP)

Standard equipment

  • SPC Sakurai automatic plate changer
  • SIS Sakurai Interactive Operating System
  • DTC Sakurai delivery control console type I
    for 4-colour presses
  • DTC Sakurai delivery control console type III
    for 5-colour machines
  • Remote control of the register settings
  • Remote control of the diagonal settings
  • SAS Sakurai automatic format settings
    incl. paper thicknesses
  • Antistatic device
  • Suction belt system table
  • System with front and side mark sensors
  • Ultrasound double sheet control
  • Automatic blanket washer make Baldwin
  • Blanket quick release rails
  • Automatic roller washer
  • Speed controlled colour duct
  • Variable clock control of the colour lifter
  • Olivermatic - Dampening units with delta effect
  • Display and delivery with stacking table
  • Normal stack delivery
  • Powder unit
  • Perfecting with automatic changeover,
    only with SIP presses

Optional extras

  • SCC I-III Sakurai control panel type I-III
  • DTC II or III Sakurai Control Console Type II or III
  • CIP 3/CIP 4 Interface
  • QSS Quick-Standby Quick-Set System
  • Automatic ink density control system
  • Small format unit 100x148mm
  • Inking unit cooling with temperature control
  • Oscillating applicator rollers
  • Synchronous automatic washing device for blanket cylinder and inking unit
  • Automatic or manual densitometer from various manufacturers
  • Automatic spectrophotometer from various manufacturers
  • Supply and delivery with pallet
  • Chamber doctor blade varnishing unit make Bruno-Harris with extended delivery
  • UV dryers from various manufacturers
  • IR dryers from various manufacturers