Printing machine

Sakurai 466 SD+C

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Basic data

Year of manufacture:
Initial installation:
Print performance:approx. 53 million/35 million after overhaul
Upon request
Delivery time:
1 month after receipt of the written order
Upon request

Technical data: Sakurai 466 SD+C

Max. Sheet size:
660x508 mm
Min. sheet size:
297 x 200 mm
max. print format:
660x485 mm
Printing stock thickness:
0.04-0.6 mm
Print speed:
4,000-16,100 sheets/h
Printing plate format:
670x560 x 0.20-0.30 mm
Blanket format:
660 x 565 x 1.95 mm
Gripper edge: 
10 mm
Investor type:
Shed jetty
Investment stack height:
900 mm
Delivery pile height:
840 mm
Connected load machine:
30 KW
Dimension of the machine:
9996 x 2512 x 1796 mm
Weight of the machine:24.500 kg

Basic equipment

- Feeder pile with steel plate for pallet operation
- SAS automatic format adjustment for the feeder, delivery and press delivery
- Suction belt feeder table with one-hand operation for adjusting the table rollers
- Antistatic system at the feeder and delivery
- Diagonal sheet and acoustic side mark control
- Ultrasonic double sheet control
- Electromechanical double sheet control
- SCC III control console with remote register adjustment, axial, radial and diagonal
- Automatic inking unit washing device
- Automatic blanket washing device
- Olivermatik continuous dampening system with delta effect
- Cooling and filtering unit, incl. dampening solution and alcohol metering dampening solution and alcohol metering
- SPC automatic plate changing, without plate folding
- Blanket clamping system with quick release, shingled blankets
- Double-size impression and transfer cylinders
- Recirculating pressure lubrication, fully enclosed, for low-wear machine operation
- Sheet brake (vacuum wheels) with infinitely variable speed control
- Motorized table transport at feeder and delivery
- Powdering unit
- Sheet decoiler infinitely variable
- SIS-Sakurai Interactive System

Special equipment

- Automatic blanket and counterpressure washup device, make Elettra
- Olivermatik continuous dampening system with cooling and filter unit, incl. alcohol and dampening solution dampening, make Quint
- SCC III control station
- SCC III control station with QSS Quick Stanby System
- Control station with CIP3 interface online connection
- Control station with online spectral densitometer IntelliTrax make XRite, incl. work computer and compressor work computer and compressor
- Oscillating ink form rollers, 2 per printing unit
- Coating unit with chambered doctor blade system make Harris & Bruno
- Extended delivery, extra long
- IR dryer GraphiSet make Grafix, 3 combi/hot air elements, as slide-in technology
- Powder sprayer make Grafix Digital